Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for a London Greet?

Simply go to the Book A Greet page and fill out the form and then you are one step closer to meeting your knowledgeable, friendly greeter.

What happens next?

When we receive your form, we will then confirm the Greet by e-mail, and your Greeter will also contact you directly to confirm arrangements. Please allow several days for us to respond.

When should I book a London Greet?

Once your plans to visit London are confirmed (arrival and departure dates are set, accommodations are confirmed), submit a Greet request form at least 4 weeks in advance of your arrival. This gives your friendly greeter more time to personalise your greet and make it a memorable experience.

In the busy season (May through to September) and holiday times, including Christmas and Easter, the earlier you submit your request, the more likely you are to get a booking.

If you want to book a Greet to take place on the day you arrive in London, please consider possible delays in your trip and allow at least half a day between the time you arrive and the Greet.

What is the cost of a Greet?

The Greeter scheme is free of charge and furthermore there is a no-tipping policy. Our Greeters are so proud of their city they want to share it with you and give you real insight into hidden London. They are delighted to share their knowledge and fondest memories of the place they call home.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We are, however, happy for you to support our work by making a donation on our website, using PayPal.

What do I do if my plans change?

Each Greet is a bespoke, completely free walk around an area of London and is tailored to you. All our Greeters are volunteers and they are not paid for their time. If you do need to alter the details or cancel your Greet please let us, or your Greeter, know so that they can avoid a wasted journey.

Where do I meet the Greeter?

Greeters usually arrange to meet visitors for a Greet at a London Underground station or a hotel, but this will be organised directly with you and details will be sent out in your confirmation e-mail. This helps to ensure we start the walk as close to the heart of your preferred neighbourhood as possible

Is there a maximum number for a Greet?

Greets can be for an individual or up to six people. These tours are always undertaken on foot and any group larger than six can be impractical for the Greeter or the visitors

My group has more than six people. Will you make an exception for us?

Sorry but we do not make any exceptions for groups of more than six people, including large student groups. Large groups cannot be divided into smaller groups to request multiple greeters. This kind of group would be better served by a professional tour guide.

Can children come on a Greet?

Children of all ages are welcome, but please note we cannot accept groups of children without at least one adult.

Are Greets suitable for disabled people?

All visitors to the city are welcome to book a Greet. If you require any additional assistance, just let us know.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will endeavour to carry out Greets in all weather, smiling regardless. Please remember to wear suitable footwear as the Greet will mostly be on foot, and wear suitable clothing for the elements!

When and how will I receive information about my Greeter? Should I contact him or her?

If a Greeter is identified for you before you leave home, we will email you with information about your Greeter. If a Greeter is allocated after you arrive in London, we will call or email you.

It is very important to contact your Greeter when you arrive in London so please make sure you get in touch once you have reached your destination in the city

Am I guaranteed to be matched with a Greeter?

Unfortunately, a match cannot always be guaranteed. London Greeters receives more visitor requests than we can fill, so sometimes our Greeters will be busy with other visitors, especially at popular times. We will obviously endeavour to do whatever we can to provide you with a Greet wherever possible.

How is a Greeter different from a professional tour guide?

A Greeter shows you around their city the way a friend would. You will talk about what it is like to live in London, learn how to use public transport, find out about the Greeter’s favourite restaurants, cafes, shops, attractions and locations.

Greeters are volunteers who are not professional, licensed tour guides, and therefore can’t know the entire city. He or she may not know all the historic or tourist information about a landmark. However, a Greeter will be able to show you the London they know and love, and share with you their passion for the city. You will benefit from their personal knowledge gained from living and working in the city. Our visitors tell us this creates a much more personal and individual experience than a formal walking tour.

How does a Greet visit differ from a public walking tour?

A Greeter visit is informal, unscripted, and does not follow a pre-set itinerary as a public walking tour often does. During the Greeter visit, if the Greeter thinks of something the visitors might like to see or do, then they can quickly change plans, in consultation with the visitor, and go in a different direction.

Visitors often ask to ‘take the road less travelled’ in London, enjoying the sites less frequented by tourists. The Greeter will happily ensure that the visitor gets to see the real London where many visitors would never think to go!

If no Greeter is available for me, can I join another group?

Greeters are not shared among groups. The Greeter arranging a visit just for you adds to the personal and informal nature of the experience. The Greeter meets only with you or your group so joining another group will not be possible.

Are there other Greeter programmes in other cities?

Yes! There are Greeter programmes all over the world based on a similar model to this one. The Greeter programmes have joined together in an informal association called the Global Greeter Network. The common thread throughout these groups is enthusiastic, friendly people who are passionate about their city and want to show it to visitors in the best possible light.

How long does a Greet typically take?

Every Greet is customised to our guests’ time, interests and level of mobility. Once you have been assigned to a Greeter, the Greeter will contact you to arrange a meeting place and time. On average, a Greet takes about four hours.

How is London Greeters funded?

London Greeters is an independent, not-for-profit organisation and is not funded by government or local councils.

It takes administrative support to handle many hundreds of requests a year and there are some associated expenses. Our Greets are free and we have a no-tipping policy, but if you would like to make a donation to support our work that would be much appreciated.

May we drive our own vehicle on a Greeter visit?

London Greeter visits are conducted on foot or by public transport. The personalised and detailed look at the beating heart of our city wouldn’t be appropriate by car.

I have a question that isn’t answered here

Simple, get in touch via our contact form and we’ll do our best to help.

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