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Ameet Shah

Ameet is a qualified Westminster Tour Guide. Having come to London at the age of 9 (a long time ago), he loves London and what London has to offer. His London is alive and constantly changing and that is the London that he would like to share. He particularly enjoys exploring neighbourhoods to draw out the linkages between the past, present and future.

Paul Jameson

Paul has lived in Camden for over 35 years. He travelled the world as a DJ in clubs and on radio before settling in London in the early eighties.

Julia Gay

Julia has been a London Greeter since 2012. She has lived in Hackney and worked in East London for over 30 years.

Dorothy Gonsalves

Dorothy is a former civil servant in Westminster and is experienced in the workings of government and parliament. Now retired, she volunteers at the V&A museum in Kensington and Kenwood House in Hampstead.

Michael Rabin

Michael had a career in the law, both as a practitioner and as a judge. He has travelled widely throughout the world.

Laurence Olins

Laurence is a semi-retired businessman/investor who lives and works in St Johns Wood in North London

Ruth Swirsky

Ruth has lived in Stoke Newington for over thirty years. Ruth is a former teacher with a love of local history, and her London ‘village’.

Mike Eden

Mike has been a Greeter since 2012. He was born in London and has spent most of his working life as a teacher in and around London.

Maggie Reeves

Maggie was born in Manchester and came to London in 1966 and has lived in Walthamstow since 1985. Now retired, she has worked in teaching and libraries.

Dominic Flint

Dominic is a qualified Westminster Tour Guide. He particularly enjoys themed walks, for example the fight for women’s suffrage, or the development of club government, but equally enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the development of architecture that makes Westminster such a special place to visit.

Paul Olins

Paul is London born and has spent his life there. He is passionate about London and is happy to share his knowledge of the city.

Roger Mason

Roger is Vice Chair of the London Greeters. He was born in Camden and has lived or worked there all his life.

Pearl Saunders

Pearl has been a London Greeter from the launch of the group in 2010.

Eleanor Monk

Eleanor has lived in Greenwich for 30 years. She has been conducting walking tours around Greenwich for seven years and has family connections to the area going back 100 years.