What is a London Greet?

London Greets are free tours led by volunteer Londoners with a genuine passion for their city.

Lasting from two to four hours, our Greets explore parts of London less frequented by tourists. Whatever your interests, it's likely we have a Greet for you.

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Who are the London Greeters?

Greeters are volunteers who share their passion for the city with visitors, including those coming to London for the very first time. These Londoners will help you to explore the city's hidden neighbourhoods and introduce you to the London they know and love.

The London Greeters organisation is a member of the International Greeter Association. It was born out of the 2012 Olympics and a desire to build on its legacy.

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Explore Our Greets and book

There are many different Greets to explore and our Greets list shows you the different areas of London covered by our Greeters. Whether it’s the cultural, sporting, historic, architectural, fashionable or timeless that interests you, we have a Greet that will show you the hidden London.

Once you find something you like then complete our enquiry form and get ready for a city tour with a personal edge.

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