The Greeters Network

The Global Greeter Network was founded in 1992 in New York by Lynn Brooks.

At the time, Lynn wanted to change New York’s image, as she says: “I want other people to understand New York the way I do. I want them to experience the city the way I do. And all I need to do is invite visitors to spend some time with me or any inhabitant of New York – to show them the hidden and beautiful life in this city. We will show them the deli where we get our sweets, tell them about the nice music events in smaller theatres, tell them how to get around, tell them about our lives.”

The concept was a big success and has since spread all over the world. As the number of Greeters grew, the Global Greeter Network was formed as a voluntary association of independent welcoming organisations.

All Greets are free and are characterised by enthusiastic, local residents who love their home city and volunteer to conduct these visits.

All Greeter programmes share the same core values:

  • Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city/destination.
  • Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people.
  • Meeting a Greeter is free of charge.
  • Visitors are welcomed without any kind of discrimination.
  • Greeter programmes support sustainable tourism. Programmes respect natural and man-made environments, they bring both cultural and economical enrichment to the local communities. Programmes aim for a lasting positive image of each destination.
  • Greeter programmes create a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange, create links between people thus creating a better world.


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Some FAQs

How do I apply for a London Greet?

Simply go to the Book A Greet page and fill out the form and then you are one step closer to meeting your knowledgeable, friendly greeter.

What happens next?

When we receive your form, we will then confirm the Greet by e-mail, and your Greeter will also contact you directly to confirm arrangements. Please allow several days for us to respond.

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