The Empire Tour

This one is for history buffs.  It covers the classic sights of Whitehall.  It starts at Trafalgar Square, goes down Whitehall, past Downing Street to Parliament Square and then round the back to Horseguards, and then the Mall and finishes at Buckingham Palace.  But it is a themed tour and brings out the story of Empire.  It tracks the amazing story of how a small, also-ran kingdom on the Western periphery of Europe ended up assembling, over a period of 150 years, the largest empire the world has ever known.  We will trace the origins of empire, what sustained it for so long and how it all fell apart in the 20th century.  If you are interested in the grand sweep of history, draw parallels with American dominance in the 20th century and possible decline in the 21st century, the deep schisms from history that manifest themselves in the Brexit debate, then this tour will provide the fuel for that debate… as well as covering some of the most iconic sites in Britain.

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Languages: English