Stoke Newington and Newington Green

Stoke Newington High Street

The walk starts in Newington Green on the edge of Islington, which has a rich history of radical dissent as well as the oldest brick terrace in England, 1658, and the oldest chapel still in use, 1708, which was a focal point for radical philosophers.

The second half of the walk is along Church St, an oasis of cafes, restaurants and pubs, starting with Clissold Park and its handsome 18th Century villa. This is the beginning of a route featured in the Eurostar magazine in 2017 as a trendy place to visit in London. At one end is a medieval church and at the other Abney Park cemetery, one of the ‘magnificent seven’ cemeteries opened in 1840 to accommodate the rapidly increasing population of London, now a nature reserve and fabulously gothic park with decrepit ivy-clad monuments tombstones.

Area of London: East (North of the Thames)

Neighbourhoods covered: Newington Green, Stoke Newington

Themes: Architecture, History, Nature

Specific areas of interest:

Languages: English