This Mayfair Greet takes in locations connected with people as diverse as Edward Heath, John Adams, Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix, Handel, Oscar Wilde and Theodore Roosevelt. Mayfair holds its allure on the Monopoly board for good reason. The most valuable 100 square acres in London, it was developed from marshland after the restoration and became the playground for the aristocracy. Most of the mansions are long gone but a few spectacular examples remain, as do the trees in Berkley Square which are now over two hundred years old. There is significant American influence in this area because of the American Embassy and the area boasts one of London’s oldest hotels, and many fine examples of Victorian architecture.

Area of London: Central

Neighbourhoods covered: Mayfair

Themes: Architecture, History, Music

Specific areas of interest: American, Aristocracy, London squares, Victorian architecture

Languages: English